Back To Black becomes the UK's top-selling album of the century

When you're an artist, it pays to die young: you're forever preserved in your youthful glow, and the aura of tragedy surrounds you till teh end of time. Fans will always think about what could have been, rather than face up to the fact that their favourite artist would probably always have died a tragic death – that's just they way they were.

Anyway, Amy Winehouse's masterpiece Back To Black has become the UK's highest-selling record of the century so far, overtaking such powerful works as Dido's No Angel, and James Blunt's Back To Bedlam. Yes, up until this point he was the number one selling artist of the century so far; grim times. Since her death the album has seen a surge in sales that saw it take the top spot in the charts, bumping its sales to 3,259,100 copies. Her death has brought about one positive development, at least.

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