Back to the noughties: The Strokes return

I met a New York City Cop yesterday and he found it Hard To Explain what he did Last Night... yes, there's nothing like The Strokes to conjure up memories of the US indie explosion of nearly a decade ago. Recently though, the curly-haired ultra-cool New York poshies have been too busy making solo albums and/or dallying with Drew Barrymore to actually operate as a band.

Now, though, they're back! And where shoud they choose for their comeback but, er, Camden? Yes, much like the Scissor Sisters, it looks like the East Village's finest are now more popular in the UK than at home. They chose dingy Dingwalls for their return on Wednesday night, travelling, spy-like, under the alias 'Venison' to avoid detection - or rather, a queue out the door of memory-lane thirtysomethings.

In fairness, the gig sounds like a cracker. The band didn't bore the crowd with any new material, slamming straight into what sounds like a pretty epic greatest-hits set, featuring well-loved tracks like 'The Modern Age,' 'You Only Live Once' and '12:51.' And also the ones from the first album. You know, the ones you remember.

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