Back to the studio

Every now and again it’s nice to see a story about Amy Winehouse that’s not in the hands of the scurrilous gossip-mongers in the Entertainme channel, but instead in the Music channel. After all, she supposed to be a singer or something, right? We hear she’s quite good at this pop music lark, when she’s not lying in a gutter drunk or lying on the stage, drunk.

Anyway, her old man Mitch has said that we could be seeing a new Wino album as soon as December or January, and hopefully it’ll be as good as her last effort Back To Back, which should go down as a modern classic, so packed is it with soulfulness and that. As well as that, Daddy Winehouse says his songbird daughter is doing great with her new man Reg Traviss, so we might get some happy tracks this time.

‘I think we'll be talking about December, January - that kind of time.’ said Mitch on GMTV, before being asked how she was getting on. ‘(She's) absolutely fantastic. Her new guy is terrific.’

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