Banging it out

Liam Gallagher has revealed that his new band (which is essentially Oasis minus grumpy old man Noel) are aiming to have new their new album out by the summer, which would be a fairly rapid turnover. Let’s hope the songs aren’t complete childish nonsense like most Liam’s efforts have been so far.

The band are currently working under the name Oasis 2.0, despite only containing one original member. However Liam has kept the people who were in the band when Noel had his strop, so the man is keeping the name. Whether Noel will try and claim it back if and when he gets back into making music is another matter.

‘I'd like to have a record out by July next year.’ Liam told The News Of The World. ‘We've already done about three songs and they're f*cking sounding amazing.

‘It ain't a new direction. We're not making reggae music or rap music. It might have a bit more energy and be fresher. It's not going to be that different.’

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