Banned from Black Eyed Peas gig

You’d think that a government decree banning anyone going to see the Black Eyed Peas would be something that would bring joy to the hearts of all right-minded music fans, but no, apparently it’s a repression of civil liberties based on nothing more than a belief in a higher power than ourselves and an interpretation of what it thinks of our actions.

So think of the pain Malaysia’s Muslims were saved from when they were banned from doing just that, while their non-Muslim friends got to go along and shake their lumps, their lumps, their lumps, check it out. Why? Because the show was sponsored by Guinness, an evil company that makes an evil drink that contains evil alcohol.

‘Muslims cannot attend,’ said the Ministry Of Information, in a curt communiqué to Associated Press. ‘Non-Muslims can go and have fun.’ You don’t know what you’re letting them in for.

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