BBC 6 Music to be saved?

Why there is even a debate about whether BBC 6 Music should close or not, let alone a planned termination, is unfathomable. The Beeb’s Director General, Mark Thompson’s reason for the station's closure was the ‘value for money’ argument, but now that listener’s figures (RAJARS) have doubled in the 3 months (all PR is good PR remember) it’s now one of the cheapest services the BBC runs per capita.

Anyway, for the last 3 months, the station has been in a state of public consultation, where fans/license fee payers have been stating their reasons for keeping it - and the signs are that they may have won. According to The Times, which broke the closure story in the first place, the BBC Trust will grant an extended stay of execution so they can do more research into its worth. The BBC Trust chief Sir Michael Lyons is due to make a speech tonight at a Voice of the Listener and Viewer seminar in London, where it’s thought he will announce the news.

Although not a black and white indication that BBC 6 Music will be saved, its a very promising sign nonetheless.

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