BBC audience boost

The latest set of radio listening figures (RAJARs) are in and across the board it’s all smiles for those at the good ship BBC.

All of the major BBC radio stations saw their audience grown in the last 3 months of 2010, or over the last 12 months. The biggest winners were news and sports station Radio 5 Live, who added nearly a million new pairs of ears in the last year, leaving them with a tasty 7.09m listeners.

Radio 2 saw their figures increase to 13.68m listeners per week, with The Chris Evans Breakfast Show bringing in 8.72m, retaining the biggest breakfast show in the country accolade. Radio 1 had a slight dip but The Chris Moyles Show went from 7.10m to 7.45m. Radio 4 drew in 10.32m and 6 Music a steady 1.14m.

With the exception of Talk Sport and Kiss, the commercial sector were hit hard. Absolute Radio saw the biggest loss, bringing in just over 1m people, their lowest ever score.

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