BBC Bites Back

Glastonbury is the biggest musical festival not just here in the UK, but the World over. Sadly though the Worthy Farm site can only squeeze in a mere 160,000 attendees, which leaves the majority missing out on sets from the likes of Coldplay, U2 and Beyonce.

Enter the BBC, who for the last few years have used the internet, the TV, the red button and the radio to bring all the action to our living rooms. The cost of this mass operation isn’t cheap, it’s nothing short of £1.7m per festival, something The Daily Mail have picked up on in an article over the weekend. Now Radio 1 boss and Glasto exec Andy Parfitt has responded to the criticism.

‘Every year we have to counter the charge that the numbers of backstage talent the BBC sends to create Glastonbury is excessive’ he wrote on his BBC blog, ‘If the figures were 600, 300 or 100 people I don't think it would make any difference. Last year we sent 274 staff and freelancers and this year it will be less.’

"There is certainly no 'junket'. There's no BBC corporate hospitality and any BBC executives attending will also be working. Every member of staff onsite has a clear and accountable role - working hard and extremely long hours to offer unparalleled coverage.’

You can read the full, no-holds-bar blog here.

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