BBC Electric Gones

The BBC Electric Proms have been axed, and already some questions have been asked behind the decision, from big players in the music industry.

The annual BBC Electric Proms, recently rebranded the Radio 2 Electric Proms, started in 2005 and was a platform to showcase live sets from popular musicians such as Oasis, Elton John and The Good, The Bad and The Queen. These sets were then brought to a wider audience via the radio and the red button on digital TVs.

Talking about the announcement, Geoff Taylor the chief executive of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) said it was a ‘big step in the wrong direction’, adding; ‘the music industry trade body is particularly concerned about losing the Electric Proms' coverage on the BBC's television channels, where there is currently no regular mainstream music output outside of Later With Jools Holland. The BPI said that the BBC is at risk of running a ‘significant cultural deficit’ in its overall music programming strategy’.

We feel another Bring Back Top Of The Pops campaign coming on.

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