BBC Sound of 2009 poll revealed

What do Adele, Mika, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Bravery, Keane and 50 Cent all have in common? Be nice. Answer: they have all topped the acclaimed ‘BBC Sound’ poll.

The annual poll compiled by critics, DJs and bloggers is a pretty accurate list of which artists are predicted to be big that year, and this year electro-pop singer ‘Little Boots’ comes out on top.

Other buzz bands in the top ten are White Lies (think Editors jizzing on Joy Division) and Empire Of The Sun (think Keane jizzing on Kylie). The BBC Sound of 2009 Top 10 is:

1. Little Boots

2. White Lies

3. Florence and the Machine

4. Empire of the Sun

5. La Roux

6. Lady GaGa

7. VV Brown

8. Kid Cudi

9. Passion Pit

10. Dan Black

Check the small footed one out....

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