BBC to cover Glastonbury on Olympian scale

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The BBC is promising to bring all their Olympic experience to bear on their coverage of this year’s Glastonbury festival with 250 hours of live music online and certain programming being offered slots on the main stage – BBC1.

The corporation’s Bob Shennan "We've learnt a lot from the experience the BBC had in 2012," he said, "We will be covering six stages and offering live streaming in a way we have never have done previously."

The BBC's coverage will feature more than 120 live performances broadcast on TV, radio and online on four screens: PC, mobile, tablet and connected TVs.

Let’s just hope they feature some of the more creative and original aspects of the festival – areas like Arcadia, The Common, The Unfairground and Block 9, where imagination and renegade skill sets keep the original flame of the festival burning and not only the middle class stodge of Mumford and Sons and their ilk

"Not only will this be the first truly digital Glastonbury, this will also be the first mobile Glastonbury," said Mark Friend, the man in charge of the BBC's multi-platform coverage.

" Most people expect to get audio and visual content on their mobile devices when they want – tablet usage has quadrupled since the last Glastonbury . We expect mobile and tablet viewing and listening to reach unprecedented levels, particularly over the weekend."

"We are going to bring you all the action live as it happens with more than 250 hours of content covering more than 120 performances. Whatever people's tastes there will be something for you, all of this available live and on catch-up.

"Just as we did at the Olympics and for the first time at a big music event, it will be available on PC, mobile, tablet and connected TVs, whether you are at home, work or on the go you are going to be able to get this stuff, making it really accessible and easy to find.

"2012 was an unprecedented year of innovation for the BBC and set a new standard for live events."

Coverage across the weekend will appear on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, Radio 1 and 1Xtra, Radio 2 and 6 Music.

The new approach has been shaped by the multi channel, multi platform approach to the London Games and Mr Sheenan described broadcasting the festival as a ‘monumental logistical challenge’

Shennan, who is also controller of Radio 2 and 6 Music, said the BBC aimed to make the festival "bigger than the sum of its parts".

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