BBC's Urban Classic Prom to mix classical and urban music together

Tonight’s BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall will see for the first time in its history, a mix of musical cultures, when the BBC Symphony Orchestra will play alongside famous rap, R&B and soul artists, in the Urban Classic Prom.

‘It’s a culture clash,’ says Jules Buckley, conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. ‘We’re taking artists from different worlds and messing with their music, putting it in an orchestral context and exploring it in a new way.

Singers from the urban scene will include, Fazer (rap), Laura Mvula (soul), Wretch 32 (rap and hip hop), Maverick Sabre(rap), Lady Leshurr (rap) and Jacob Banks(soul), while Buckley created the new arrangements saying that the concert will is also a challenge for the classical musicians.

"The remit for us was like a remix," he told the BBC. "Rather than just having the orchestra as a backing group or wallpaper, we want them to have this remix element which brings them to the front as balanced artists alongside the MCs."

Buckley hopes that hardcore fans of the Proms will enjoy the different sound and the mix.

"I hope they enjoy it," he said. "They have to approach it with open ears and open minds and take what they want from it. I'm not expecting everyone to love it."

Wretch 32 talking about the new arrangements of his songs, that will also include his mega hit Traktor, - which he also recently performed at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival last month - "feel mad epic".

"It takes it to the next stratosphere. It makes it feel so classic and really movie-like. It's definitely different from what I'm used to," said the rap artist.

1400, £5 tickets will be available at the box office, and the Urban Classic Prom will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 1, Radio 3 and 1Xtra and shown on BBC Three from 2100 BST.

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