Beach Boys AREN’T reforming

God Only Knows if this is true or not, and we certainly hope it isn’t but according to reports The Beach Boys will NOT be reforming for a mammoth world tour *cries*.

The band’s Al Jardine let slip in a recent interview that to mark a staggering 50 years in the biz The Beach Boys would be reforming for a string of gigs next year. But now Mike Love has chipped in and spoilt it for ALL OF US!!!

Talking to Reuters the BBs founding member said: ‘there have been a lot of ideas floated, but nothing decided. So far it's just conversation. There are no big plans yet - although there's a lot of interest from a lot of people to see what would happen if we got together and did some new music and maybe did some shows. But so far nothing's firm.’

Well, a reformation doesn’t look quite dead and buried just yet - fingers and toes crossed.

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