Liam Gallagher has finally let the cat our of the bag over what his post Oasis band will be called and, presuming it’s not a type-o and that you actually care - here it is...BEADY EYE.

The breaking news came via the Oasis official band website Oasisinet with a fish lens photo of the four members tinkering around their debut album in the recording studio. The new band (well we say new, it's Oasis minus songwriter Noel Gallagher) will be fronted by Liam Gallagher, with Gem Archer on guitar, Andy Bell on bass and Chris Sharrock on drums. They are expected to release their debut single in October and an album early next year, backed up by a string of UK live dates.

All corners have speculated as to what Oasis MKII would be called, with Liam himself recently saying: ‘if we don't come up with something else by the time we're ready to release the album it'll be Oasis. I'm not going to call myself something ridiculous just for the sake of it.’

No Liam, of course you’re not.

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