Beady Eye album deets

Is Beady Eye’s free to download debut single ‘Bring The Light’ not satisfying your mouth-watering urge to hear more post-Oasis rock’n’roll? Well, this will be good news for you, because today (6 Dec) Liam Gallagher’s new band have released details of their debut album and without hearing it, we think it’s looking promising.

Liam specifically hasn’t been shy in shouting about his love for The Beatles and he’s not stopping on his new album, with a track on there called ‘Beatles And Stones’ but apart from that, it looks like he may have finally moved on from homage and love of rock clichés. The new album will be called ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ (we like this) and comes with an eye-catching sleeve that’s easily the best thing since ‘Definitely Maybe’.

It’s due out on Feb 28th and here’s the tracklisting...

1. Four Letter Word
2. Millionaire
3. The Roller
4. Beatles And Stones
5. Wind Up Dream
6. Bring The Light
7. For Anyone
8. Kill For A Dream
9. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
10. Wigwam
11. Three Ring Circus
12. The Beat Goes On
13. The Morning Son'

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