Beady Eye album sleeve censored by supermarkets

  • Beady Eye, Sony

Liam Gallagher always enjoys a little controversy. The Beady Eye singer will be overjoyed to learn that supermarkets have opted to position a discreet sticker over a bare nipple on the band's album sleeve, lest shoppers innocently looking for cereal and baked beans be inadvertently offended.

The sleeve could be regarded as classy or laddish, depending on the viewer's perspective. The photo was taken by Harry Peccinotti, who shot classic Pirelli calendars in 1968 and 1969. The shot features the photographer's wife in a semi-naked pose.

Record company Sony admitted that the image had caused a few problems, with ads being flagged for containing adult content. "We had to cover the nipple up for sale in supermarkets," Sony admitted. "They wouldn’t stock it as it was". A spokesperson for the British Retail Consortium said that supermarkets take "voluntary action to ensure that any publications or other items which may cause offence or be seen by children are displayed discreetly."

Liam, who wasn't keen on the album title BE, was more enthusiastic about the sleeve. "It is sexy," he told NME. "I'm always up for a 60s boob, man. A 60s nipple is never going to get a knockback off me. It's definitely not sexist. It's sexy, it's a nipple you can bring home to your mother. It's not porn, is it? It's classic, man. Classic nipple."

Liam would relish emulating his heroes the Sex Pistols in having an album sleeve censored by the nation's retailers. Whether the attendant publicity is enough to add a few sales to a rather dull album remains to be seen. Given his recent comments about his willingness to reform Oasis for the 20th anniversary of the release of Definitely Maybe, perhaps Liam is beginning to realise that Beady Eye are never going to scale the heights achieved by his first band.

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