Beady iTunes

31 nights. 62 bands. 1 venue. That's the no-messing tag line for the London based iTunes Festival and today we have confirmation that Beady Eye will be one of those 62 bands.

The annual knees-up has always been held at the Roundhouse in Camden, and we already know that Linkin Park, Adele, White Lies, Duran Duran and Rumer will headline a night each. Now Liam Gallager’s post-Oasis outfit Beady Eye have been given their own night too – July 4th.

Apart from the bands always being aces and the sound in the venue being jaw-dropping the best thing about the shows is that tickets are free. So, if you fancy a slice of that pie, or want to know when the other acts are playing then get your fingers over to itunesfestival.com.

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