Beardy Man at Proud Galleries

Have you heard of Beardy Man yet? You must have right? If you haven’t, like, where have you been? Under a rock? In Jail? Listening to Heart FM? Regardless of your misfortune, there really is no excuse for missing this guy.

He’s been prolific on the festival circuit for years and apparently he got his big break on Britain’s got Talent or some such guff. Despite his cringe worthy beginnings, anyone with ears and/or a brain will tell you that Beardy Man is a beatboxing legend in the making, more imaginative and far funnier than his spitting predecessors and frankly, better. Loads better.

Beardy Man wowed the crowd at Proud last night, at an event hosted by Clash Magazine (sponsored by X Box, and Bed Head and… Jeez how many sponsors does one night need? There wasn’t even any free booze for crying out loud). He was easily the best bit and the only reason to brave the cold. Well worth losing a toe or two for though.

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