Beatle MA-nia

A Beatles fan is celebrating after receiving a degree in the Fab Four. Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy, 53, is the first to be awarded an MA in the Beatles at Liverpool Hope University.

The school’s new masters in the Mop Tops programme examines the Beatles’ compositions, sound and cultural impact. It was a long and winding road for Zahalan-Kennedy, who, obviously no stranger to hard days’ nights studying, told the BBC:

‘It's absolutely academic. It was an examination of how the Beatles came to be. What the political and social climate was and the cultural aspects that helped to facilitate an environment where the Beatles could happen.’

The Liverpool university launched the programme The Beatles, Popular Music and Society in 2009, which aims to examine the ‘significance of the music of the Beatles in the construction of identities, audiences, ethnicities and industries, and localities.’

‘I am so proud of my achievement,’ said a beaming Mary-Lu, after yesterday’s graduation ceremony. ‘The course was challenging, enjoyable and it provided a great insight into the impact the Beatles had and still have to this day across all aspects of life.’ Dr Michael Brocken, founder of the course, said: ‘Mary-Lu now joins an internationally recognised group of scholars of popular music studies.’

Congratulations Mary-Lu on your outstanding Macca-demic achievement.

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