Beatlemania MKII

It’s been seven days since Apple announced their self-proclaimed landmark of delivering The Beatles musical back catalogue to iTunes, and although the initial individual songs have failed to really dent the top 40, their albums are flying off the digital shelves.

According to EMI, The Beatles have racked-up 450,000 album sales on iTunes in the last week, with 2 million individual tracks also being sold. The Beatles double compilation albums, the ‘Blue’ album and the ‘Red’ album were recently remastered and have such had a prominent marketing campaign were the two biggest sellers, currently sitting in the charts at number 30 and 36 respectively. The X-Factor also has Beatles week on Saturday, which could only have helped increase sales i.e. buy the proper version.

We can’t imagine even The Beatles thought they be such a smash some 40 years after they split. Or maybe they did, they are the best band of all time, after all.

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