Beatles for sale

Previously unseen Beatles photographs are going up for auction. The snaps show the Fab Four enjoying a holiday in the exotic climes of Weston Super-Mare in 1963. They were taken by the 11 year-old Bruce Leak, who was on holiday with his parents at the time.

The photographer kept the pictures in his private collection for the subsequent 49 years. He died in 2011, and his sister, who inherited the pictures, has put them up for auction in Stockport.

They will be of significant interest to Beatles collectors, as they capture the band members in informal and playful mood, just before Beatlemania became all-encompassing. The poses include Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr sipping their afternoon tea from china cups with a group of old ladies looking on suspiciously, and the foursome relaxing in deck chairs with Ringo waving at the camera.

In Liverpool, the city is gearing up for a whole year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first show at the Cavern. Events include a tribute concert from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra’s Michael Eakin commented: "We're delighted to be playing our part in this special Beatles anniversary, paying our tribute to the 4 Liverpool lads whose music continues to have an extraordinary impact around the world."

There will also be an an International Beatles Week with concerts, discussions and a convention. The half-century anniversary of the release of their debut single will be commemorated with a Love Me Do weekend event at Albert Dock on October 5-7.

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