Behind Iron (Bars) Maiden

We can only assume it’s a little embarrassing to be caught scamming benefits from the Government, we can’t possible image what it’s like if you were caught AND were the lead singer of one of the biggest metal bands of all time. Someone who will know, is Paul Di’Anno, the original singer with Iron Maiden.

According to reports, on 10th February Di’Anno pleaded guilty to 8 accounts of benefit fraud which mount to the sum of £45,000. Di’Anno left the band in 1981 but has been claiming incapacity benefit because he said he’s got nerve damage in his back and was unable to work. The Salisbury Crown Court judge the Honorary Recorder Judge Andrew Barnett said he should expect a spell behind bars when he’s sentenced on 11th March.

Barnett said; ‘you have got the sense and courage to plead guilty to these matters, but you have to understand that they are very serious. Although all sentence options will be open, you should prepare yourself for a prison sentence - and an immediate one at that.’

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