Behind Iron Maiden Bars

Iron Maiden’s original lead singer Paul Di’Anno has been given a 9 month prison sentence for benefit fraud. Last month Di’Anno pleaded guilty to falsely claiming a total of £45,000 from the government because he said he wasn’t fit to work, but was.

The singer gave up the ghost when YouTube videos were shown of him performing onstage in 2006, whilst he was still claiming incapacity benefits. During his sentencing in Salisbury on Friday (March 11trh) the QC Jane Miller turned down a plea from Di'Anno, which he said he had received very little from performing, and needed to support his family.

‘Your greed has cost this country a lot of money," said the QC, ‘the claims were for a long time and for a large cost. It must be a custodial sentence. I do not accept you only got expenses. I give you credit for your guilty pleas and reduce the sentence from the guideline 12 months to that of nine months.’

He's expected to serve 4 1/2 months of his sentence.

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