Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R Kelly Lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This week, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch gave a dramatic reading of rapper R Kelly’s Genius on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Unfortunately this wasn’t a spontaneous outburst of love and support for Kelly’s work but a way of bringing the two stars together as Jimmy Kimmel explained to the audience: “We have an eclectic mix of guests tonight and I wanted to find a way of bringing them together. And I think we have done it.”

Jimmy interviewed both Benedict Cumberbatch and R Kelly during his show but nothing got the audience’s attention like the dramatic reading that the Bafta and Golden Globe nominated actor pulled off while maintaining a straight face, even when with lyrics like “I can feel your body flowers, while I’m kissing on your thighs” on his lips.

With a spotlight on him and an image of the R&B start’s latest album cover, Black Panties, behind him, Cumberbatch sat on a stool reading from a book and addressing the camera while the American audience screamed and whooped in the background.

When the minute long performance ended Cumberbatch almost smiled but he held back as the show’s host joked: “Watch your back 2 Chainz, Cumberbatch is in town.”

VIDEO: Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R Kelly Lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel Live

When the serious part of interviewing the 37 year-old British actor eventually arrived, Kimmel broached the subject of Cumberbatch’s mother, actress Wanda Ventham, the star of 1960’s TV show UFO. Cumberbatch said: “I’ve been trapped in an elevator with men who say, “I really used to like your mum. She’s hot.” I mean, what can I say? Do I say “No she’s not?” because that’s so insulting to my mum.”

American R&B star R Kelly hasn’t made any comments about the reading so we’re sure he wasn’t offended by his hard hitting lyrics being read out by a mild-mannered English gent whose accent would fit better reading the news than lines like “Go to sleep, and when we wake up I’ll hit that thing again.”

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