Best Art Vinyl 2010

Your memory probably doesn’t stretch back far enough, but before the digital revolution and the ease of downloading songs straight to your generic mp3 player (i.e. your iPod), albums were seen as a thing of beauty to physically hold and admire whilst you were in the most part left deflated by your latest purchase (‘I knew I should have just bought the single’).

Well, in an attempt to not completely lose sight of the visual effort musicians put into their work the Best Art Vinyl 2010 awards (best artwork in the last 12 months) have been announced, and Devonshire prog-rock three-piece Muse and their album ‘The Resistance’ has come top of the pops.

The top 50 voted for by the public sees the top 10 predominantly made up of indie alternative acts such as the Manics, Fever Ray and Green Day. No, actually the whole top 50 is made up of indie alternative acts. So, clearly shoe gazers still appreciate a fine piece of art when they see one, either that or illegally downloading has come on leaps and bounds and now includes the cover art, er, apparently.

See the full list at http://www.artvinyl.com/en/nominate/nominations.html

Here is the top 10;

1. Muse – 'The Resistance' 2. Manic Street Preachers – 'Journal For Plague Lovers' 3. Fever Ray – 'Fever Ray' 4. Massive Attack – 'Splitting The Atom' 5. Green Day – '21st Century Breakdown' 6. Pet Shop Boys – 'Yes' 7. White Lies – 'To Lose My Life' 8. Editors – 'In This Light And On This Evening' 9. La Roux – 'La Roux' 10. Depeche Mode – 'Sounds Of The Universe'

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