Best of British

It’s not often that the Yanks in the hip-hop and R&B world take time out to praise the music coming out of our teeny little island nation, but every now and again someone takes a little look over at our ‘urban’ (we hate that euphemism) scene and gives us an approving nod. And like the pathetic little lapdogs we are, we drink it all up.

Pop megastar Usher has done just that, saying that he thinks Britain is producing the best pop music, and has singled out fellow sexy warblers JLS and Taio Cruz as two of our most impressive current acts.

‘I think that the British are having an incredible moment in entertainment,’ said the crooner, before improbably suggesting that there was genuine talent on X Factor. ‘The X Factor has some potential world beaters too.

‘It's similar to when The Beatles were around. There was an amazing mixture of UK talent in the '60s and it's happening all over again.’

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