Between a rock and a hard place

Ok, so James Corden wasn't even a little bit offended by Adele's middle finger at the Brits; on the contrary he was embarrassed that the soul diva's speech was cut short just so Blur could perform a quick 11 minute set....

The funnyman tells The Sun, 'I can't believe that's what they were asking me to do. I delayed for 15 seconds. They wanted to cut her short as time was running out. I was furious and put in a horrible position.'

'I went straight to Adele's dressing room and she was fine with me, but really upset. She had a speech and had a list of people she wanted to thank.

But it was the moment that James was ordered to 'go in' that is playing real havoc with his conscience.

'The truth is, just after Adele said, 'Thank you' people were saying, 'You have to go in now'.

'I said, 'I can't. How can you cut her off'? And then essentially it was just such a surreal moment and everything you can hear in your ear is about five people having an argument — and there's one overriding voice saying, 'James, you have to'. The whole room was on its feet and they said, 'You've got to do it now'.

Crikey. Sounds like something out of the Navy Seals....

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