Beyonce for Glastonbury

Going to Glastonbury? Then you’ll be excited to know who’s headlining this year's Worthy Farm extravaganza, assuming you’re a fan of the predictable and middle road. Perhaps a little harsh, but on the plus side it'll still be the best festival line-up of the year.

At the weekend the much rumoured Coldplay confirmed they will head up the Pyramid stage on the Saturday night and now Mrs Z herself Beyonce and U2 are booked to play the other two nights, according to gossip website Holymoly. U2 were meant to play in 2010 but pulled out at the last minute due to Bono’s backache and head farmer Michael Eavis has recently hinted that Beyonce would be a welcome addition; ‘there's an American artist that I’ve been wanting to have for years and yonks and yonks and yonks.’

No Pulp? No Prince? No Rolling Stones? We’ll have to wait until we hear formal word from Somerset.

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