Why everyone is getting hot about Beyonce's latest perfume

Beyonce's sizzling and sultry advert for her newest fragrance, named Heat, may have caught your eye. The commercial, which has been played on television sets across Britain recently, depicts Beyonce in a thin satin robe, with much of her chest, and upper thighs, on public display. 14 viewers got so hot and bothered by this that they rang in and complained. As a result the Advertising Standards Agency banned the commercial from airing on daytime television.

A bit of an over reaction that may be, but the sales of the celebrity perfume have not suffered one bit. In fact, when the fragrance was launched last May, it raked in over $3m in sales in a single month.

So does the perfume live up to the hype? Well, with an enticing blend of sensual notes it certainly impresses the nose. The perfume is blended with a mix of almond and honeysuckle providing immediate sweetness. This is then followed by a boquet of Neroli, Red Vanilla and Magnolia - floral, almost herbaceous aromas reminiscent of early spring. Finally, the fragrance is rounded out by the earthier and fuller notes of milkwood, tonka bean and amber, providing hints of umami and mystery. These scents are preserved in an alcohol base, meaning the perfume keeps for a good amount of time. This also means the perfume will alter its scent as you wear it, with the perfume being lighter as the day goes on.

If you are interested in purchasing Beyonce's perfume then the fragrance and cosmetics section of your local department store may be a good place to look. Alternatively, online stores such as The Perfume Shop carry the fragrance. Prices for the Beyonce perfume Heat start at £22.99 for a 30ml bottle, while the larger 100ml bottle costs only £32.

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