Beyonce releases tracklisting for '4'

Beyonce has release the track listing for her upcoming album ‘4’. This is exciting news that can barely be padded out, not even with a lot of inconsequential chat, so we’ll leave it that eh?

The album is due for release in the UK on 27 June, strangely the day before it’s put on the shelves in the States. Does the wiggly-hipped soulstress really love us that much? Anyway ‘1+1’ will be the next single to come from the album, with the leaked ‘End of Time’ probably featuring somewhere further down the line.

  1. '1+1'
  2. 'I Care'
  3. 'I Miss You'
  4. 'Best Thing I Never Had'
  5. 'Party (Featuring Andre 3000)'
  6. 'Rather Die Young'
  7. 'Start Over'
  8. 'Love On Top'
  9. 'Countdown'
  10. 'End of Time'
  11. 'I Was Here'
  12. 'Run The World (Girls)'

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