Beyonce releases video for 'Love On Top'

Jiggly pop diva Beyoncé has released the video for her song 'Love On Top', and because we're such lovely people we've put it here for you to have a look it.

In the vid, the preposterously beautiful singer dresses up in a spandex leotard and silly hat, and does the shuffle, before sliding up to the mic to sing. It's a pretty basic production, which works pretty well with the 90s New Jack Swing style. All we're missing is the mad hair and bad shell suits.

'I have worked very hard on this video, this song is special to me and I had an idea for the video based on some of my favourite male groups,' she said. 'I remember seeing videos from New Edition, The Jackson 5 and The Temptations, bands I love for their beautiful harmonies, and precise choreography and I always wanted to make a video and be part of a boy group myself.

'It was so much fun. I put my heart and soul into 'Love On Top' and I hope you love it.'

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