Beyonce reveals video for 'Countdown'

Just when you thought that pop music was being swallowed up by a load of boring balladeer dross, here comes Beyonce with the slightly weird ballad 'Countdown'. But don't worry, it's nowhere near as drippy as Adele's stuff is, and comes complete with a wonderfully quirky video, in which the woman herself dresses herself up like Audrey Hepburn and jiggles about the place like the pop goddess she is.

As for the music, well she's mining the same kid of thrilling and slightly strange pop music that she's been doing for a good few years now, full of strange sounds and slightly off key electronic bleeps. You can see why her and Lady GaGa get on so well; they're clearly of the same mind when it comes to music – make it as mad as you can, and do it within three-and-a-half minutes. Long may she reign.

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