Beyonce sellout angers fans

Beyonce has sold out. That’s not a reference to her decision to pretty much put her entire career in the hands of the Pepsi people, simply a factual report on tickets for the UK leg of her Mrs Carter tour in which the singer gets to dress up as Marie Antionette briefly before slipping into something much more skimpy.

Tickets for the April and May shows in Birmingham, London and Manchester sold out in around ten minutes, and predictably appeared on ebay shortly afterwards at prices topping the £600 mark per ticket. One enterprising tout offered six tickets for £2000.

Fans, or smart entrepreneurs, registered with 02 Priority bagged most of the tickets through pre-sales. Those on general sale were immediately snapped up. The Ticketmaster agency tweeted: "And we're out - All dates for @Beyonce now sold out. Very few tickets were made available for today's general sale after busy pre-sales. Demand was massive and we’ve sold out of our allocation. @Beyonce is the most popular solo artist in the world!"

Fans were angry that so few tickets were available for general sale and that so many appeared to have been bought just to make a huge profit through resales. The O2 issued a bland statement : "We understand your disappointment but sometimes demand is much higher than what is available."

One fan, Lucy Townsend, summed up the frustration on Twitter: "If anyone has Beyonce tickets just die now I hate you and I hate her and I hate Ticketmaster," she tweeted.

Celebs were among those missing out on the shows. Recently-retired Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington tweeted: "Three computers, refreshing like crazy but no Beyonce tickets! Hope anyone else trying has had more success!" TV presenter Jenni Falconer hadn’t. "Gutted," she tweeted. "Just heard Beyonce tickets went on sale today in the UK . . . and I have completely missed out. Grrrr. . . who got them?" The answer is on ebay Jenni, best get bidding.

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