Beyonce snubs royalty

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It's being viewed as the worst American snub to British royalty since those uppity Bostonians chucked tea in the river and said they didn't want to be in George III's empire anymore. Well, OK, it isn't really, but Beyonce's treatment of Princess Eugenie does show a fine grasp of the estimable US disregard for regal elites.

Princess Eugenie, a minor scion of the family that remains by far the biggest recipient of public money handouts but somehow manages to escape scathing exposes in the Daily Mail, turned up for Beyonce's show at the 02 in London on April 29 with a gaggle of fashion designers, Donna Air and Kate Middleton's brother James joining her in the VIP section. As is apparently her right as the Queen's granddaughter, Eugenie requested an audience with the singer (in less exalted circles this is known as "attempting to blag your way backstage"). Beyonce, sadly, neglected to show up for the royal facetime, presumably after telling a minion "Princess Youwhat? WTF?"

Royalty are far too inbred, sorry, well-bred, to complain, but one of Eugenie's posse, fashion designer Matthew Williamson, had no such qualms. The usual gossipy source told The Sun: "Matthew and the designers were really unhappy about the fact that she failed to turn up. They had gone on the condition that they were getting the money-can't-buy experience. She didn't show and there wasn't an excuse."

In short, they seemed to have taken offence that the singer failed to show the right degree of respect to a bunch of yahoos and frock-makers. Beyonce may have been miffed that when she tried to get Eugenie to join in a chorus on 'Irreplaceable', the princess blushed bright red and ducked away. Or, being a close pal of President Obama and role-model for his kids, maybe Beyonce just isn't that impressed by minor royalty.

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