Beyonce spends 1500 pounds at Nando's

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Sometimes only a Nando's will do. When the craving for piri-piri chicken strikes, there's no alternative to splashing out. Although Beyonce might have taken that principle a little too far by spending £1500 at a Chelmsford branch of Nando's after her recent performance at the V Festival.

It might have been comfort eating, or more likely generous catering for her entourage, but Beyonce's order amounted to 48 portions of chips, 48 whole chickens and 12 veggie burgers, all paid for in cash at the till. Well, you don't want to risk Beyonce's credit card details getting into the public domain do you?

Beyonce needed cheering up after some tricky shows in England. The Chelmsford show was initially marred by some sound problems, and Beyonce was unpopular with fans who had failed to get tickets for the shows. Reports suggest that she had vetoed live footage of her performance being shown on TV. Channel 4 presenters Edith Bowman and Steve Jones said on TV that Beyonce had denied the channel permission to show the headline set.

Twitter users voiced their displeasure at what they interpreted as a diva-style decision and as an indication that Beyonce was not confident about her show being seen by TV millions. The reviews were more kind, although the Independent mixed praise with the occasional sideswipe, calling her "musically lukewarm, but theatrically unique."

The Staffordshire leg of the V festival started with some inauspicious booing because the singer was half an hour late on stage, although she won the crowd round with a hard-working run through her back catalogue. The singer does seem to have bought into her own myth though, telling the audience, "When people ask you in 20 years, you'll be able to say 'I was at V Festival and I saw that Bee-Yon-Cee'".

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