Beyonce to headline Glastonbury 2011 - buy your concert tickets now!

Get ready for the rush to buy Beyonce concert tickets! The rumours were true: Beyonce confirmed that she will be headlining at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. In a statement, the RnB star said that she is "pumped" to perform for Pilton farm's "huge audience" and to "soak up their energy".

Beyonce has built a strong solo career and gained much respect and fame over the years. She has successfully managed to step out of the shadows of being a former band member of Destiny’s Child and convinced their old fans, plus many new ones, that she does have a brilliant talent and is out there to entertain the world!

Glastonbury 2011 Festival is taking place between 24 and 26 June. The singer will perform on the main Pyramid Stage with a 90-minute show to round off this summer's event on Sunday 26 June. She will also be joining U2 and Coldplay as event headliners. Both U2 and Coldplay have previously worked with Beyonce and also with her husband, Jay Z, who headlined Glastonbury in 2008. Jay Z was a controversial act who ended up silencing the critics by winning over the crowd. Now Beyonce can take some tips from her husband!

Glastonbury is usually the domain of rock and alternative bands, so the former Destiny's Child singer is a surprising addition. This is going to be a challenge for Beyonce (as it was for Jay Z), but Knowles has said: "This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there.” So it looks like she is ready for the challenge! If you want to be part of this event, ring 01458834596 or visit Getmein.com (which is part of Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticketing company for live events).

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