Beyonce to sing at Obama inauguration

You might say that Beyonce is fond of high-profile gigs. Already booked as the half-time show at the Superbowl, it has been confirmed that she will perform at President Obama’s inauguration on January 21.

Few details of the performance outside the Capitol in Washington have been revealed, but she won’t be choosing her raunchier numbers. Although the thought of all those politicians doing the 'Single Ladies' dance routine is tempting, Beyonce will bash out the national anthem instead. She performed at Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, singing Etta James’s 'At Last'.

Beyonce and hubbie Jay-Z were conspicuous supporters of Obama on the campaign trail in 2012, raising $4 million at a single fundraiser in New York. Obama was very grateful, even calling Beyonce the perfect role model for his daughters.

The Superbowl show on February 3 should be a livelier affair. The half-time show is of infinitely more interest to a global audience than the laborious huffing and puffing of the "football" players in their cumbersome body armour. Beyonce has some tough acts to follow, with Janet Jackson and Madonna leading the controversy ratings up to now.

Beyonce is unlikely to challenge them, being more interested in firmly establishing herself in the all-American mainstream and exploiting every commercial opportunity. As part of the show, 100 fans will join her on stage, the prize in a competition run by Pepsi. Beyonce has recently signed a $31 million deal with Pepsi to promote the drink. Flogging sugary fizz to the nation’s youth presumably still fits in with Obama’s broad understanding of what a "role model" should be. Maybe Beyonce could also help the President with his fiscal shortfall as he attempts to steer America away from bankruptcy.

Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor will also be performing at the Presidential inauguration. Meat Loaf was not invited.

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