Bieber brings hope to children of Japan

The ‘Baby’ singer, who has just completed his ‘My World’ tour in Japan, has been expressing how moved he was to meet the victims of the country’s tsunami and earthquake earlier this year.

According to music-news.com Justin Bieber met a group of youngsters from Otsuchi which faced total destruction in March after the natural disaster and is reported to have told them: 'Things can get better and things will get better. There are only good times to come. My prayers go out to all of your families and all of you.’

The teenaged star played the final concert of his world tour in Tokyo this Wednesday; he appears very humbled to have finished his tour in Japan and expressed ‘[I am] deeply honored to be here (sic)’.

In fact, Bieber seems to have had something of an epiphany. Having met some children who have been affected by the country’s devastation he said: 'Just met some incredible kids who have been thru alot because of the devastation here in Japan. blessed to meet them and proud to know them.’ He continued, ’When you meet kids like that with all their strength and courage to move on you realize the important things in life. Support Japan.' Have we a young Bono in our midst?

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