Bieber snapped spitting at fans

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Justin Bieber may one day look back from his retirement home for former superstars and realise that 2013 was the year it all started to go wrong for him. The latest controversy in a year studded with PR disasters caught Bieber spitting on fans from his hotel balcony.

The pictures appeared on the US website TMZ, appearing to show Bieber leaning over the balcony of the Toronto suite and spitting. Minutes earlier he had posted on Instagram: "I wake up this morning to this :0 Best fans in the world."

Bieber's repellent personality has managed to escape his PR minders on numerous occasions this year, but this incident may prove to be the most damaging. While fans have always leapt to his defence, the notion that the singer holds them in such contempt could be a career-changer.

It's not even the first saliva-related problem for Bieber. A DJ is claiming that Bieber spat at him in an Ohio nightclub. Addison Ulhaq was playing in a Columbus club when Bieber dropped in. The DJ claims that minders told him not to take pictures of Bieber. Ulhaq alleges that the singer then insulted him and spat in the DJ's eye, nose and mouth. Possibly the most embarrassing part of the incident was Bieber's feeble notion of an insult, telling the DJ "his mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch."

Recently Bieber was filmed on various occasions getting the worse of an ill-advised argument with some veteran British paparazzi, swearing at a photo of former President Clinton and urinating in a mop bucket after leaving a club through the back door. Throw in the whole ugly business of trying to take a monkey on a European tour, and it's apparent that, whatever charm he once had, Bieber is losing it rapidly.

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