Bieber wanted by LA cops

The continuing attempts to reposition Justin Bieber on an edgier aisle of the pop market have received a boost with reports of a violent scuffle in a shopping mall. The family friendly pop singer is now wanted for questioning by police.

It’s unlikely that an APB will result in a desperate fugitive Bieber driving a pickup truck along the LA freeway pursued by police helicopters and yelling "you’ll never take me alive!", but at least the incident has added a frisson of controversy to the clean-cup star’s resume.

A photographer called the emergency services after a fight outside the Commons shopping mall in Calabasas California. The snapper had been taking shots of Bieber and his girlfriend, the 19 year-old Disney actress Selena Gomez. Bieber and Gomez had left before the police showed up at the scene, so investigators want to hear their version. Bieber apparently lost his hat and a shoe in the scuffle.

Gomez referred to the incident on her Facebook page, without going into specifics. "Thank you so much to my fans for always protecting me and being there for me," she wrote. "I can't thank you guys enough. I'm sorry I had to rush out. Love you guys."

Bieber, who recently claimed to be a fan of early Metallica, has expressed his disillusionment at the constant pressures and the spotlight of fame in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter: "There were so many times when I just wanted to say, ‘Enough is enough, I don't want to do this any more.'"

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