‘Biffy not iffy’ says Nicky Wire

Controversial Manics bassist Nicky Wire has defended Scottish band Biffy Clyro over their decision to let X Factor winner Matt Cardle release a cover version of their song Many of Horror (When We Collide).

The outspoken member of the Manic Street Preachers told XFM that it is the ‘brilliance’ of the song that counts most, and that modern bands can struggle financially.

He said: ‘You can't stop a song from being a brilliant song. You can't stop a runaway train. It's not easy for bands to make money these days.’

It certainly must have been a difficult decision for the band. Selling out to the Simon Cowell media empire will always cast a shadow over their careers – some will never take the group seriously again. But, times are hard and money is tight. And, if you’ve got a good song and you’re presented with a way of getting millions to listen to it, who wouldn’t be tempted?

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