Big Chill set for mass nude art action

As well as the music, the drugs, and the deranged hippies, there's something else people get from festivals they don't get from ordinary life: naked! Yes, as long as young people have been getting together in a field in the name of music, a certain proportion of them have been taking the opportunity to throw off all their clothes and run around as nature intended.

Now, visitors to the Big Chill will get the chance to do that in the name of art! American artist Spencer Tunick, famed for his mass installations of nude people, has announced plans for a work put together at the August festival.

Inspired by the BP oil spill, the work will require participants to slather on (or have slathered on them, oo-er) black makeup before cosying up together.

Previous works have seen Tunick assemble hundreds of people in locations as far-flung as Caracas, Mexico City, Barcelona and, er, Newcastle.

So if you're heading to Eastnor Castle on 5th August, and you feel like baring all, email SpencerTunick@bigchill.net. And don't worry, showers will be made available for participants, so you won't have to spend the rest of the weekend looking like a bizarre six-foot seal.

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