Bigger breasts needed!

The country and western singer who dedicated her life to becoming every man's walking, talking blonde fantasy is soon to have her life portrayed on screen and on stage, if the Hollywood rumour mill is to be believed. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen of the leather-fringe persuasion: Dolly Parton's coming'a'town!

And possibly in the guise of 'Walk the Line' star and Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, Music News tells us. There would only have to be one enhancement made digitally or otherwise, on request of Ms. Parton: that Reese gets a boob job or at least a massive padded bra!

'There were rumours about Reese Witherspoon being up for the role but we'd have to get her a big old boob job or a big old bra. I'm actually writing my life story as a musical and I want [The West Wing actress] Kristin Chenoweth to play me. People have asked, 'What about Taylor Swift?' but she's too tall, too slim and has no boobs. She's like a supermodel. You'd have to saw her legs off at the knee and get her a boob job to play me.'

Dolly certainly seems in a good position to fund her own biographical exploits as she recently confirmed that she has ensured her two biggests assets for a cool $1 million.

Maybe they'll be the stars of the show on screen?

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