‘Biggest upset in Christmas chart history!’

What most people thought was at first a joke looks like becoming a reality after the campaign to make Rage Against The Machine’s metal monster ‘Killing In The Name Of Christmas number one has had its odds slashed from 100-1 to just 3-1.

‘Killing In The Name Of,’ which has the chorus ‘F*** You, I won’t Do What You Tell Me’ has been causing a media buzz after a Facebook group was started at the beginning on December to stop Simon Cowell and The X-Factor dominating the Christmas number one spot, and basically killing Christmas tradition.

‘The X Factor has had a monopoly over the Christmas number one but there is a real buzz about 'Rage Against The Machine', said William Hill's Rupert Adams. ‘We might just have the biggest upset in Christmas chart history!’

The Facebook campaign currently has over 600,000 members all intending to buy the track this week. So far the plan has come to fruition: ‘Killing In The Name Of’ is number one in the independent iTunes chart, leaving Joe McElederry’s ‘The Climb’ at number two. It's also all in aid of the homeless charity Shelter, so come on peeps lets get Rage Against The Machine to number one. What's that? 'F*** You, I won’t Do What You Tell Me'?

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