Bisexual beats

Jessie J might be all about real-life lessons when it comes to her songs - teaching girls to act more like guys in order to get what they want from life, and also not being tied to all things materialistic - but it seems the singer is also something of a role model for music fans of differing sexualities.

NME tells usthat Jessie J, notorious for her emo-meets-edgey Goth style, has been fairly blunt about the qualities that it takes for her to get to know them in the biblical sense, and it isn't what that person keeps in the underwear:

''I've been with guys and I’ve been with girls. And I kind of think it’s about the person not the genitals. A lot of people are like, 'Oh, she doesn’t know what she is'. But I definitely think my generation is more easy going about it.''

She also comments on how much more difficult it is for guys to be open about playing for both teams too and criticises now legendary pop singer Rihanna for not being more open and unforgiving in dealing with former abusive boyfriend Chris Brown:

''I can’t help feeling let down,' she said. 'She’s so opinionated and ballsy I’d expected her to tell it like it is, to say that assaulting your girlfriend is out of order, inexcusable, unforgivable.''

Seems life is fairly black and white for Jessie, except of course when it comes to bed-fellows.

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