Black Eyed Peas break download record

Having been heard on every TV show and every radio station for the last 12 months, it will come as no surprise that the Black Eyed Peas’ mega tune ‘I Gotta Feeling’ has become the first ever single to pass the 1 million downloads mark in the UK.

Not only is the landmark significant for the US band, it’s considered to be a turning point in legal downloads too, suggesting that people are more than willing to pay for a song if they like it rather than file share it illegally. Talking to the BBC, lead singer Fergie described the news as: ‘exhilarating to know we are so connected to our Peabodies. Hopefully the good vibes from that song will continue to brighten people's lives.’

Download singles have only been available for 5 years but since then have gone on to dominate both the single and album chart sales with an incredible 98% of all single sales in the UK being downloads. Martin Talbot of the Official Chart Company said: ‘around the world album sales are declining rather dramatically. But here in the UK things aren't quite as bad. This isn't a boom time but it's not a time for real concern either.’

It’s also good news for Apple, with the vast majority of sales coming through their iTunes store – it's estimated that 35% of every sale goes straight in their pocket. KERCHING!

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