Black Sabbath to get back together?

All together now: "Finished with my woman . . . ". The Black Sabbath classic Paranoid may get another airing across the stadiums of the USA and Europe next year as the Brummie dinosaur rockers threaten to get back together for one more raid on the piggy banks of the globe’s heavy metal diehards.

Black Sabbath’s original fans might be well into their dotage these days, but new generations have developed an affection for that bludgeoning and unsubtle aural assault. Meanwhile Ozzy Osbourne’s forays into reality TV have made him a national treasure, heavy rock’s own idiot savant (the savant bit is optional).

The four original members of Sabbath – Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, have called a press conference in Los Angeles on 11 November. The timing of the conference is 11.11am, in line with the band’s traditional love of playful numerology (although Osbourne might have trouble getting up that early).

The press conference will no doubt announce the reformation of the band and their pension, sorry, tour plans. The venue is the Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset Strip, where Black Sabbath played their first US gig 41 years ago.

There has been an awful lot of acrimony between band members since then, with Osbourne being sacked as singer in 1979. A brief reunion in 1997 produced a live album, imaginatively titled Reunion, although attempts to record new material in 2001 were quickly aborted.

Just to ensure there aren’t any awkward questions from the press, the conference will be compered by Henry Rollins.

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