Blue have Eurovision glory in sights

Boy band Blue are to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf.

The reformed group were picked as the UK’s torch holders in the competition by the BBC, with the news confirmed in a statement on the corporation's official Eurovision Twitter page.

BBC Head of Entertainment and Events Katie Taylor said: ‘We're enormously pleased to have found an act that not only meets but exceeds all the criteria for a great entry. Blue are the perfect choice and we're so proud to have them representing us at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.’

The group will perform a song they wrote themselves entitled 'I Can'. A BBC documentary of the band’s push for Eurovision success is to be aired in April.

Blue member Duncan James was all of a twitter on Twitter at the news, saying: ‘Yes the rumour r true!! We r representing the uk in this yrs EUROVISION! We r really excited and cant wait till u hear the song!! ITS BIG!!! (sic - obviously).’

What, big as in a rousing, ‘epic’ chorus, complete with weather metaphors and clichés about believing in yourself? Can’t wait.

The final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest is on May 14.

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