Blur close Glastonbury 2009 on a high note

Blur brought the final curtain down on Glastonbury 2009 with an epic career spanning set. The newly reformed Brit Pop icons headlined the Pyramid Stage and got straight down to business with a storming version of their first single 'She's So High'.

The band then proceeded to rip through the greatest hits of their gargantuan back catalogue including 'Girls And Boys', 'There's No Other Way', 'Tender' and 'End Of A Century'. Quadrophenia actor Phil Daniels even joined the band onstage for a rendition of the mid-90s anthem 'Parklife'.

Damon Albarn & Co. seemed to be enjoying proceedings with the frontman telling the crowd: "I'm pleased we decided to do these gigs now." The band's encore included 'Advert' and 'Song 2' saw the whole field go wild before they closed the gig with an extended version of 'The Universal'.

Blur played: 'She's So High' 'Girls And Boys' 'Tracy Jacks' 'There's No Other Way' 'Jubilee' 'Badhead' 'Beetlebum' 'Out Of Time' 'Trimm Trabb' 'Coffee And TV' 'Tender' 'Country House' 'Oily Water' 'Chemical World' 'Sunday Sunday' 'Parklife' 'End Of A Century' 'To The End' 'This Is A Low' 'Popscene' 'Advert' 'Song 2' 'For Tomorrow' 'The Universal'

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