Blur ‘Fool’s Day’

It’s been said before and, because it's such a staggering fact it's worth saying again: Gorillaz’ first two albums, ‘Gorillaz’ and ‘Demon Days’ sold more copies worldwide than anything Blur have done combined. So when the age old bore topic of Blur Vs Oasis popped up again you can see why Damon Albarn had to be coaxed into getting Blur back together again.

That said, Blur still have fans and when they release new material (the first in 7 years) you can see why some music press geeks get a little giddy with excitement. It was Record Store Day on Saturday and to help promote the independent record shop day Blur released a brand new song ‘Fools Day’ with a limited 1000 vinyl release.

But was it worth the wait? In short, no. Non offensive trademark lazy Damon vocals with some nice noodling from Graham Coxon towards the end but it's not a patch on anything on the Gorillaz latest long player ‘Plastic Beach. One for the fans we think.

If you didn’t get your mitts on the single then don’t worry, you can download it for free from Blur.co.uk

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